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Quotes (6)

  • Even the short men I know appreciate a woman in heels.
  • [on her Academy Award nomination (her father Burt Lane, who managed her early career, passed away in February 2002)] The only phone call I really yearn to make is one I can't, which is to say, "Guess what, Dad?".
  • [comparing herself to her mother, a former Playboy"magazine centerfold] Mom was better endowed.
  • [on on-line dating] Look, it's so interesting, because being a mom of a daughter - forget about it. I'm so hyper mama-bear protective: "In no way is it ever all right to meet anybody you've only ever met on-line! Period! End of story. Close chapter, end the book." But in my prickly, paranoid way, I'd say, "Well don't they kind of pre-screen people at these agencies?". So I like the fact these services exist, and I think if you're meeting someone randomly outside the protection of the umbrella, you know you can't say you weren't warned.
  • [on the death of Tony Curtis] I am just a huge fan of his. What he gave to the world will live forever, which is a marvelous gift of this industry.
  • [on Bruce Dern's performance in Nebraska (2013)] If Bruce Dern had never made a single film or knew nothing about "acting", his work in Nebraska would have been the miraculous discovery of actual human decency and guilelessness. But for an actor as seasoned as Mr. Dern, the purity and simplicity of his performance are all the more a lesson for students of the art. What a gift Alexander Payne gives in letting us bask in Woody's stultifying call to purpose and acknowledgement of one life's span; at last groping the bell, to ring it, if only once. Woody refuses to apologize or explain or alter his course while enduring others' heaping-on of a lifetime of shrugged-off doubts and ghosts. His plight is a piercing arrow of hope itself. In one scene, standing in the abandoned wreck of his childhood home, by just daring to hover there, he lets us tumble and feel it all, and it's like having vertigo. A breaking open, by refusing to break. He broke my heart... open.