Ginger Lynn Poster

Quotes (9)

  • [nudity] I don't have a problem doing nudity in B-films. You see, it's very natural. I was born that way and will probably be buried that way.
  • [why she left porn] Somewhere along the way, I lost my identity as a woman; as a person with a brain and feelings. But it's over and done with.
  • [posing nude the first time] He asked me to take my clothes off. I had no trouble doing that whatsoever. I was never ashamed or embarrassed. I was always comfortable with my body.
  • The 80s were the golden age of porn. Everybody was treated so well and we were all so close, it was just beautiful.
  • [favorite moment before making her first porn film] It was just this moment of freedom, to know that, sexually, I was going to be able to do anything that I wanted and it was okay.
  • The internet took away the joy of watching porn for the first time; taking that VHS or DVD home and putting it in the player.
  • [watching porn the first time] I've always been a sexual person, but watching someone else on film [having sex] was just amazing to me. I thought, 'This is the coolest thing I have ever seen.'
  • [on the risk of making adult films] We were like outlaws at the time, because it was illegal to shoot.
  • [making porn in the early 80s] The industry definitely felt like a family back then. There were 50 people in the entire industry and that included the cast and the crew. It was a wonderful relationship that developed between the cast members, the crew members, everybody.