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Print Biographies (29)

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Film Biographies (5)

Portrayals (7)

Articles (28)

TheBlaze [us] (US) August 4 2022, pg. 1, by: BlazeTV Staff, "Disneyland is now cancelling Walt Disney - here's why that should be a WARNING for America"
New York Post (US) July 1 2018, Vol. 217, Iss. 228, pg. 40, by: Reed Tucker, "I SMELL A RAT! Walt Disney didn't invent Mickey Mouse; he created the 'toon with a friend -- whom he then ripped off"
USA Today (US) September 10 2015, Vol. 33, Iss. 253, pg. 11B, by: Patrick Ryan, "PBS doc shows a darker side of Disney - Two beloved figures didn't always lead fairy-tale lives"
Parade (US) May 31 2015, pg. 10, by: Kathleen McCleary, "National Treasures"
THE HOLLYWOOD REPORTER (US) May 30 2014, Vol. 420, Iss. 119, pg. 54-58, by: Eriq Gardner, "THE WEIRD, SAD $400 MILLION WAR AMONG WALT DISNEY'S GRANDKIDS"
Libération (FR) January 29 2013, Iss. # 9864, pg. 28, 29, by: Dahan, Eric, "La face cachée de Walt Disney. La semaine dernière à Madrid a eu lieu la création mondiale de " The Perfect American ", nouvel opéra de Philip Glass, d'après le roman de Stephen Jungk sur le créateur de Mickey."
Libération (FR) January 29 2013, Iss. # 9864, pg. 29, by: Fanen, Sophian, "Mickey, procédurier maousse. A l'exemple de l'affaire qui, dans les années 70, l'a opposé au comics satirique " Air Pirates ", la firme Disney a toujours défendu âprement ses intérêts."
The New York Times (US) October 1 2009, Vol. 159, Iss. 54,815, pg. C1 & C5, by: Edward Rothstein, "Exploring the Man Behind the Animation"
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Seven (GB) January 14 2007, by: Neal Gabler, "Walt: man or mouse?"
The Independent Newspaper Extra (GB) October 30 2006, pg. 14 - 15, by: Tom Lubbock, "Toon time - Il était une fois Walt Disney, Grand Palais, Paris, France"
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Le Film Français (FR) June 6 1952, Iss. # 409, pg. 5, by: anonymous, "Mercredi prochain 11 juin au Ministère de l'Industrie et du Commerce, remise des Victoires du Cinéma Français"
American Cinematographer (US) March 1932, Vol. XII, Iss. 11, pg. 36-37, by: Walt Disney, "Mickey Mouse and 16mm."

Pictorials (2)

Ciak (IT) November 2001, pg. 119, "Un secolo di sogni"
Ciak (IT) November 2001, pg. 120+121+123, by: Marcello Garofalo, "Cento di questi cartoon"

Magazine Covers (1)

Time (US) December 27 1954

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