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Auditioned for a part in Pulp Fiction (1994) and at the time, right after Rosanna Arquette took the nod, was considered for the part of Bonnie (Jimmie's wife). She didn't land either role. Then Jackie Brown (1997) came along. Quentin Tarantino renamed the character of Jackie Burke from "Rum Punch" to "Jackie Brown" as an homage to Foxy Brown (1974).

While a student at UCLA, she sang back-up for singer-composer Bobby Womack. Interestingly, Womack's composition and 1972 recording of the song "Across 110th Street" was the theme song of the film Jackie Brown (1997), which marked a major comeback for Grier in the starring and title role. She was nominated for a Golden Globe and an NAACP Image Award for her performance.

Was the first black woman to appear on the cover of MS. Magazine (August 1975 issue).

Named as one of Ebony Magazine's "100 Most Fascinating Women of the 20th Century".

Awarded a "Career Achievement Award" at the 34th Annual Chicago International Film Festival. [October 1998]

Her early films such as Women in Cages (1971) and The Big Doll House (1971) were filmed in the Philippines. While there she contracted a deadly tropical disease and nearly died. She lost her hair and was temporarily blind for almost a month. It took nearly a year for her to recover.

Graduated from East High School, Denver, Colorado.

When she met her boyfriend they found out they both grew up in Denver, Colorado. Upon further conversation she found out that he grew up in her house, after her family moved out.

Profiled in "Women of Blaxploitation: How the Black Action Film Heroine Changed American Popular Culture" by Yvonne D. Sims (McFarland, 2006).

Cousin of Roosevelt Grier.

Sister of Rodney Grier and Gina Grier-Townsie.

Inducted into the National Multicultural Western Heritage Museum Hall of Fame in 2012-2013.

Pam was born on exactly the same day as co star Philip Michael Thomas, May 26, 1949.

She was considered for Matron "Mama" Morton in Chicago (2002).

She has trained in martial arts since childhood and has studied Karate, Aikido, Kung Fu and Jiujitsu.

She is the first actress to play the DC Comics character Amanda Waller in a live-action adaptation.

Got thrown out of the Troubadour with John Lennon in 1974 for fighting after Lennon disrupted a Smothers Brothers performance by standing up in the audience and singing.

Was a runner-up in the Miss Colorado Universe Beauty Pageant.