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She refused to do a nude scene in Ice Castles (1978). The producers kept trying to write a nude scene in the movie for her, but she walked off the set and halted production for a day rather than appear nude. Ms. Johnson admitted in a recent interview in People magazine that it tickles her that after all these years, people come up to her and tell her how great a family movie this is, and she thinks, "you have no idea!"

Has older brother & sister - Gregg Johnson (b.1956) & Kimberlee Johnson.

2nd place at the 1974 U.S. Figure Skating Championships - Novice level

Gave up amateur competitive skating in 1977 to join the Ice Capades.

Has gone by the name Lynn Holly Givens since her marriage to Kelly J. Givens in 1993.

Has heart defect and had blood clot that led to her stroke in January 2010.

Has 2 children with her husband Kelly J. Givens - a son Kellum Dane Givens (aka Kellum Givens) & a daughter Jensie Givens.

Has quit acting to be a full-time wife and mother to her young son, Kellen Dane Givens [2000]

The July 10, 1985, edition of Variety announced the movie "Remembrances from The Garden of Laura", aka "Laura's Garden", began filming July 5, 1985, in Los Angeles. Director was Christopher Munch, cast Lynn-Holly Johnson and Scott Valentine. No evidence the film was ever released.

Always wanted to skate and at 22 was a champion ice skater.

1974 she won the National Novice Free Skating Silver Medal and soon after fractured her left leg and on doctors orders didn't skate for 7 months.

Born on exactly the same date as Amy Stoch (Amy "Missy" Stoch), of "Bill & Ted" fame.