Raul Julia Poster

Trivia (14)

Was nominated for four Best Actor (Musical) Tony Awards: in 1972, for "Two Gentlemen of Verona", in 1975 for a revival of "Where's Charley?", in 1977, for playing Macheath in a revival of "The Threepenny Opera", and in 1982 for "Nine". He never won.

Died while in a coma just days before his last theatrical movie, Street Fighter (1994), was finished. The film is dedicated to his memory. He accepted the role of M. Bison because his children were fans of the video games.

Buried at Buxeda Cemetery (Cemeterio Buxeda) in Cupey, Puerto Rico.

Earned a B.A. in drama from University of Puerto Rico.

Godfather of writer Mylo Carbia.

He was a passionate supporter of The Hunger Project, a foundation devoted to the elimination of world hunger. For 17 years, he served as the Project's spokesman.

His father was the pioneer who brought pizza to Puerto Rico when he added it to the menu of his already popular fried chicken.

Member of the Phi Sigma Alpha fraternity in Puerto Rico

He is one of a few artists to be given a state funeral in his native Puerto Rico.

He is the only man to win the Emmy Award and the Golden Globe posthumously.

Originally cast for the role of Bucho in Desperado (1995), but he got sick during filming and had to be replaced. He passed away shortly after.

Was originally supposed to play Don Diego De la Vega in The Mask of Zorro (1998), but died before he could take the role.

In an interview, he once stated that being recognized as Gomez Addams by children always brought a smile to his face. His family later said that this meant a lot to him during the final months of his life.

Father of two sons with Poloway, Raul and Benjamin.