Samantha Mathis Poster

Trivia (16)

Daughter of Bibi Besch.

Younger half-brother and half-sister appeared as extras in Super Mario Bros. (1993). Younger half-brother aspires to be a film director.

Accompanied River Phoenix to The Viper Room on the night he died. She was his partner at the time.

Became best friends with Sandra Bullock when they made The Thing Called Love (1993) together.

Played a victim of John Travolta in The Punisher (2004). Previously, she played the love interest of the main hero in Broken Arrow (1996), in which the villain was also played by Travolta.

Spoke fluent German from childhood, stemming from her Austrian royal ancestry.

Granddaughter of Gusti Huber.

Launched a successful on-line flora design firm called Succulent LA with designer and partner Ryann Davis. Five percent of the proceeds go to the Green Coast Foundation.

Read for the role of "Susannah" in Legends of the Fall (1994) and was considered, by Steven Spielberg, for the role of "Tinkerbell" in Hook (1991).

Starred in five movies with a lead actor named "Christian". She was in Pump Up the Volume (1990), FernGully: The Last Rainforest (1992), and Broken Arrow (1996) with Christian Slater, and in Little Women (1994) and American Psycho (2000) with Christian Bale.

Performing on Broadway in New York with Chris O'Donnell in "The Man Who Had All the Luck". [June 2002]

Appeared in two movies with Winona Ryder, both times playing a character at a different age: she played the older "Amy" in Little Women (1994) and the young "Sophia" in How to Make an American Quilt (1995).

Portraying Elena in the play "Uncle Vanya" in Seattle through July. [June 2007]

Starring as "Maria Castle" in the blockbuster summer movie The Punisher (2004). [June 2004]

Filming the movie, Damned (2008). [May 2007]

Director Raoul Ruiz hoped to cast her as the lead in Shattered Image (1998) but the producers rejected the idea.