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Trivia (21)

Daughter Lucia (born December 1997) is named after the doomed heroine in the Donizetti opera. The child's mother is his ex-wife Mariah O'Brien.

Family: Son of Gay Ribisi; older brother of Gina Ribisi; twin brother of Marissa Ribisi.

Studied acting at the Beverly Hills Playhouse with Milton Katselas.

Once competed on family game show I'm Telling! (1987) with sister Marissa Ribisi.

Won the ShoWest Newcomer of the Year Award (1999).

Made the cover of "Vanity Fair" after receiving critical kudos for Saving Private Ryan (1998).

Best known in the recurring role of Lisa Kudrow's dim-bulb half-brother on Friends (1994).

Perennially boyish American character actor known for his dark, somber demeanor, stark versatility and bizarre, off-the-wall performances in cutting edge contemporary films.

Clashed with filmmakers on the Basic (2003) set because of the inclusion of a female Special Forces operative. Women are not eligible for combat in the US military. He felt it compromised the integrity of the story.

He is 15 minutes older than twin sister Marissa Ribisi.

When he was a child, his family had a pet dachshund named Low-Rider.

Was approached to play Lynch McGraw in Hero Wanted (2008), which he turned down. The role went to the late Steven Kozlowski.

Often eats at Los Feliz restaurant Little Doms. Sandra Oh, Hannah Telle, Michael Cera, Drew Barrymore, Bo Barrett and Katherine Heigl also frequent this local hot spot.

His paternal grandfather was of Italian origin. His other ancestry includes German and English.

First appeared (uncredited) in the ending of the episode Friends: The One with the Baby on the Bus (1995), as the guy who had dropped a condom in Phoebe's guitar while she was singing in front of Central Park (because the manager hired a professional musician). Later that season, he came back in Friends: The One with the Bullies (1996) as Frank Buffay Jr., Phoebe's younger half-brother, a character that stayed for eight episodes over several seasons.

Brother-in-law of Beck and Channing Hansen.

He went to school for many years, studying computer graphics, and during production of Avatar (2009), he partnered with Stereo D, a company who converts 2D images into stereoscopic 3D images. Giovanni helped spearhead his company's efforts to win bids to do some of the images for Avatar, unknown to James Cameron at the time. Stereo D has since gone on to do the 3D post-conversion on such films as Titanic (1997), Jurassic Park (1993), The Avengers (2012), Star Trek Into Darkness (2013) and Pacific Rim (2013), among others.

Attended the Berlin Film Festival. [February 2002]

Attended the 62nd Annual Cannes Film Festival in France. [May 2009]

As of 2015, has appeared in four films that were nominated for the Best Picture Oscar: Saving Private Ryan (1998), Lost in Translation (2003), Avatar (2009) and Selma (2014).

He and twin sister Marissa Ribisi are active Scientologists.