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  • It was such a fabulous role that I can't be at all surprised, let alone upset, that people still mention it. We were very lucky to have 13 episodes in which to dramatize Evelyn Waugh's novel, and one reason for the series' impact is a combination of time, money and producing talent that was unique. I think it's fair to say that you'll never again have that length of time (we shot it over nearly two years) or that sort of budget to shoot a television series about one book. "Sebastian" was the part I wanted to play, having read the book, and though I was initially seen for the part of "Charles Ryder" - which Jeremy Irons played in the end - it was "Sebastian" that I was after, and luckily I got him! AA, regarding his role in Brideshead Revisited (1981).
  • Then there was school. I wasn't a great success: I was shy, not particularly clever, and dyslexic. But thanks to an English master called Quibble-Smith, who gave me a part in a Greek tragedy, I realised that I enjoyed getting into character - I could express myself better through a character than I could as myself. The part was Athena, and I had three pages of speech to deliver, which was quite a daunting prospect. It was an open-air performance, and the speech was to be given from the top of the cloisters. I wore a ghastly Roman helmet, a shield and a spear and was bedecked in blue silk skirts topped off with a long, blond, curly wig. As I stood up to speak, the wind caught my skirts and raised them above my eyebrows. I spent the entire speech battling with billowing silk and revealing everything underneath. It didn't dampen the desire to perform, though.
  • [on Ava Gardner] One of the most generous and warmhearted of people.
  • [on similarities between himself and his character in The Scarlet Pimpernel (1982), Sir Percy Blakeney] - I've been accused of hiding behind faces and disguises.
  • The Scarlet Pimpernel was such a temptation. I defy any actor not to want to play the Pimpernel if it's offered to him! It was tremendous fun playing someone of dual character with all those disguises.
  • I cope with disappointment by not allowing it to show. I learned how to disguise my feelings at my Dickensian school where I got beaten to a pulp regularly. I pretended that it had not changed me one iota. - 15 April 2003, Times Online
  • My greatest fear is losing touch with God. I am in constant dialogue with Him. My grandfather was a priest and I served at the altar as a little boy. I have a long history of being on the cusp of Catholicism. I pray a lot, especially when those fogs of life descend. It helps me to keep a positive attitude in a negative world. - 15 April 2003, Times Online
  • What upsets me most is miscarriages in the legal system and seeing people suffering. When I was filming in Russia at the end of the Gorbachev era I saw peasants doff their caps to film company limos because they thought that there were government officials inside. The same thing happened in Mexico. Any regime that does that to its people upsets me. - 15 April 2003, Times Online
  • I'm very good at deciding what should be done, but pretty hopeless at doing it. - 15 April 2003, Times Online
  • ...Never lose courage. Tomorrow is another day. Life is littered with obstacles, but the secret is not caring about what is going wrong; concentrate on getting enough courage, and protecting your self-esteem, until tomorrow. - 15 April 2003, Times Online