Olivier Assayas Poster

Trivia (18)

Older brother of Michka Assayas.

President of the jury at the entrance examination of La Fémis (France's national film school) in 2002.

Son of Jacques Rémy.

Contributor to Cahiers du cinema. In 1990 he published a book, "Conversation avec Bergman".

Graduated from the French National School of Fine Arts (Paris).

Was one of the first European film critics to pay close attention to the new cinema emerging from Asia.

Member of the 'Official Competition' jury at the 51st Venice International Film Festival in 1994.

His mother is Hungarian.

Member of the 'Official Competition' jury at the 64th Cannes International Film Festival in 2011.

President of the 'Official Competition' jury at the 70th Locarno International Film Festival in 2017.

Split with his longtime partner Mia Hansen-Løve in 2016. They have one daughter. Despite numerous mentions in the media referring to them as husband and wife, Hansen-Løve stated in an interview with The Final Cut in 2017 that they had never been married.

Grew up during the aftermath of the civil unrest of 1968.

When his own father, screenwriter Jacques Rémy, became too ill to continue writing the successful series Maigret, Assayas and his younger brother thumped out scripts under Rémy's name.

His main political influences when growing up were Guy Debord and George Orwell.

Started his career in the industry by helping his father. He ghostwrote episodes for TV shows his father was working on when his health failed.

Despises TV.

Is a major Theodor Adorno fan.

His ten favorite films are 2001: A Space Odyssey (1968), The Gospel According to St Matthew (1964), Ludwig (1973), Napoleon (1927), Playtime (1967), A Man Escaped (1956), The Mirror (1975), La Règle du jeu (1939), The Tree of Life (2011), and Van Gogh (1991).