Trivia (7)

Met Quentin Tarantino at a video store called Video Archives where they both worked in the 1980s.

Though Quentin Tarantino received credit, it was actually Avary who conceived the Top Gun (1986) gay reference speech that Tarantino used in Sleep with Me (1994).

Wrote a script for a fifth "Phantasm" movie called "Phantasm's End". It came close to being made by series creator Don Coscarelli and starring Bruce Campbell. Finding the funding was the only issue.

A direct descendant of pirate/marooner Henry "Long Ben" Avary.

On Jan. 14, 2008, he was arrested in Ojai, CA, on charges of DUI (driving under the influence) and manslaughter after an automobile accident in which one person was killed.

Was attached to direct the film version of Neil Gaiman's novel "The Sandman" at one point.

Has two children, daughter Gala (b. 1995) and son Ever (b. 1998).