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Trivia (21)

Most references give Constance's birth year wrongly as 1905, corrected to 1904 by sister Joan in her autobiography. Her age at death accordingly was 60, not 59 as usually stated.

Her 1931 contract with Warner Brothers, $300,000 for 2 films, made her the highest-paid film player up to that time and reportedly inspired tax legislation aimed at the film industry.

Her stage acting debut: Noël Coward's "Easy Virtue", 1940.

She sang with her own voice in films, on stage, and in a nightclub act 1956-1962 in which she parodied early rock-n-roll.

She was a daughter of Richard Bennett and Adrienne Morrison.

She had two daughters with her fourth husband, Gilbert: Lorinda Roland and Gyl Roland. She also had an adopted son, Peter Bennett Plant (born 1929, adopted 1930).

She died from cerebral hemorrhage in Walston Army Hospital at Fort Dix, NJ.

As a Brigadier General's wife and in recognition of her work for the Berlin Airlift, she is interred at Arlington National Cemetery in Arlington, VA, beside her husband, Brigadier General John Theron Coulter. Specific interment location: Section 3, Lot 2231-A, Grid P-13.

Granddaughter of Rose Wood and the stage actor Lewis Morrison, birth name: Morris W. Morris (1845 - 1906).

Aunt of Morton Downey Jr. and Melinda Markey.

She was a sister of Barbara Bennett and Joan Bennett.

Has a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame for her contribution to Motion Pictures, at 6250 Hollywood Boulevard, a short distance from the star of her sister, Joan Bennett.

Grandfather, Morris W. Morris (stage name Lewis Morrison), was of English and wealthy Spanish ancestry. Constance's sister, actress Joan Bennett, discussed this, in detail, in her 1970 autobiography "The Bennett Playbill".

Accepted the role of Ellie Andrews in It Happened One Night (1934), but later turned it down when Columbia Pictures would not allow her to produce the film herself. Claudette Colbert was then given the part and went on to win the Best Actress Oscar for her performance.

She was a mother-in-law of Dan Barton and sister-in-law of Morton Downey.

She was a very active member of the Hollywood Democratic Committee and donated her time and money to many liberal causes (such as the creation of the United Nations) and political candidates (including Franklin D. Roosevelt, Henry Wallace, Adlai Stevenson, and John F. Kennedy) for most of her adult life.

Bennett was married to the Marqus de la Falaise de la Coudray, who had previously been married to her chief rival at Pathe Studios, Gloria Swanson.

She was sued by portrait artist Willy Pogany for his fee after painting a portrait of the star. She complained that he had thickened her waist and thighs.

Enjoyed the reputation of being a very able poker player.

Was considered in her heyday to be one of the most smartly dressed women in Hollywood, A film magazine in 1941 claimed she had spent a quarter million on her wardrobe that year, a charge denied vehemently by the actress.

Her image appears on the cover of the music CD Electro Swing IV which was released in 2011.