Dabney Coleman Poster

Quotes (4)

  • I've played good guys and nice guys, but the truth is I'd rather be nasty than nice. The bad guys are always better written and more fun to play.
  • [on why he never phones in a performance] That's the way I do things. It's the only way I know how to do it. it's a competition thing. I compete with myself. I won't let myself do less than I know I can do.
  • [on acting in lesser quality films and TV shows] Those things are just bad memories. They have no air from the day you walk onto the set from the day you leave. There's no oxygen on the set. You can't breathe. It's just oppressive. It hurts to do things like that. And you do things like that to stay alive. To make a living.
  • [on playing bad guy roles] I maintain that you have a head start playing the opposite of who you really are. Because you know what the opposite is. Somehow you know a little bit better. Especially if comedy is involved. I don't mean it in an arrogant way, but that's what I believe.