Racquel Darrian Poster

Trivia (7)

Daughter Brooke born in July 1997

In her ten years making films she had scenes with over 100 different women, but only a handful of men.

She moved to California with her family when she was seven years old.

As of 1997 was living in Las Vegas, NV, and working as a feature dancer at clubs across the country.

Wrote a monthly sex column, "Dear Racquel", for "Velvet: Magazine during most of the '90s, taking questions from fans and dishing on her own sexual relations with former boyfriends, lesbians, fans, the strippers on tour and her favorite porn stars. She even wrote about her interracial desires and lesbian affairs.

Her sexual fantasies about slumming it in dirty biker bars or dives was often worked into the story lines at her request. She enjoyed playing the pretty girl with class who happens to have a dark side.

Boasted in a "Velvet" Magazine interview that her sexual appetite was so unquenchable she often had to call in the local football team just to satisfy her craving for taking on one guy after another.