Glenn Ford Poster

Quotes (16)

  • When I'm on camera, I have to do things pretty much the way I do things in everyday life. It gives the audience someone real to identify with.
  • People laugh when I say I'm not an actor, but I'm not, I play myself.
  • The Western is a man's world and I love it.
  • I've never played anyone but myself on screen.
  • If they tried to rush me, I'd always say I've only got one other speed, and it's slower.
  • "Let's never forget that to remain free we must always be strong. That's an important lesson I learned in my Navy career in World War II. National defense must be the top priority for our country. If you are strong, you are safe. Now is the time for every American to be proud. This is the land of the free and the home of the brave. If we are not brave, we will not be free." (2004)
  • "Never give up. Take what life throws at you and throw it right back. If life keeps throwing then you have a tennis match going. Learn to like tennis." (2002)
  • Ronald Reagan was a true friend and an American Patriot. We are proud of him and his service to the country. We need men like him today.
  • [In westerns] you don't have to speak English to understand what's going on. I've always said the talking pictures talk too much anyway.
  • I'm out of place doing sophistication. I'm so uncomfortable in a tuxedo.
  • When I see films that go on and on with dialogue, I feel like telling the actors, "Be quiet! Let the audience do some of the work!" (from a 1975 interview with Bob Thomas, Canadian Press)
  • Some actors count their lines as soon as they receive a script. I'm the opposite. I try to see how many lines I can whittle down...You can say just as much in 4 as you can in 14.
  • Hell, no actor is going to tell Frank Capra how to make a picture. He has forgotten more about movie-making than most directors ever know.
  • Americans playing Shakespeare are really ridiculous.
  • Asked how he wished to be remembered: He did his best and he believed in God.
  • I wish I were up and around, but I'm doing the best that I can. There's so much I have to be grateful for. (1 May 2006)