Debbie Harry Poster

Quotes (14)

  • I wish I had invented sex.
  • I could be a housewife. . . . I guess I've vacuumed a couple of times.
  • The only person I really believe in is me.
  • (on her refusal to locate her birth parents) I know who I am, and it would be an insult to the Harrys.
  • (from an early 1980s interview) Performing in front of a camera is a new adventure for me. It's a new and much more intellectual process. Music is more of the moment, more spiritual. It's an event!
  • [on actress Kirsten Dunst playing her in a proposed biographical film]: She's a really sweet person. I've met with her a couple of times and hung out with her socially. She's just a sweetie. She's probably capable of a lot of things she hasn't been asked to do yet, and doing something that's sort of left of center would be great for her.
  • The only place left for rock to go is toward more girl stars. There's nothing left for men to do. There's bound to be more male stars, but they can't express anything new.
  • Why should you force your brain cells to remember a lot of stuff when the most important thing you can do is to come up with new stuff? For me you know, I'm just writing now and trying to think of things that take the twist with a lot of the stuff. Why should I sit here and be chronological or like a time machine with old information? It doesn't make sense to me.
  • I'm very comfortable and happy with Chris, it's a good thing, something happens with our two minds, which automatically just fits together. Even now everything is sort of parallel. We don't even think about it, it just happens. I think we're lucky that we actually found each other. I never expected anything like that to happen, I never knew that anything like that even existed.
  • [on how she would have dealt with fame starting out young] Gee, I don't know, I think I'd probably have been a better star, I think I would have gone for it in a much more showbiz kind of way. Which probably would have been better in the long run, you know? What I really wanted was to be was a beatnik, I really wanted to be an underground artist. That was really where my thrust was, being a pop star - I thought it was such bullshit, you know? I knew it was bullshit, I didn't really give a rat's ass about any of it, I wanted to be famous, but I didn't really care about carrying any of it on, you know. In a sense it would have been better if I had approached it in a more legitimate showbiz kind of way.
  • That was always what I felt was the beauty of rock 'n' roll, it was entertainment and showbiz yet it had the idea of the voice of the people, it had an essence to it which was socially motivated. Not that I want to change to world, you know? But it was sort of relevant to real life, it involved the real essence of poetry or the real essence of fine art. But it was also entertainment. That was the real vitality.
  • [on the 1970s]: You know I always felt about that period, that all of those drugs that came around that wiped out a lot of us and obliterated a lot of stuff, was all politically sanctioned. I always felt that and Chris said that too; that a lot of people who really had something important to say or do were subdued.
  • [on her status as a sex symbol back in her day] Being hot never hurts!
  • [on current pop bands, 2014] I see a lot of people brimming with self-confidence that really don't have anything to offer. I met a person who had the... I guess temerity is the word, to say that they were an idea person. If you're an idea person, carry out one of your ideas. Do them, do them. Don't just wait for someone. The work is where you get your shit together.