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  • Being on the set of Aliens was an amazing experience. I had so much fun, and enjoyed every moment. I think my fondest time would be having the opportunity to work with Sigourney Weaver, one of the classiest people I have ever met.
  • Sigourney Weaver is a wonderful person. I was so lucky to have the opportunity to meet and work with such an amazing actress. I believe that our chemistry was immediate from the moment we met, and continued to grow. She helped to make me feel comfortable during all the scenes that were filmed.
  • Twitter has been a pleasant surprise for me. I never imagined that anyone would be interested in what I have to say! It's been fun hearing from fans around the world. Hearing how much the fans still enjoy Aliens, and what my character has meant to them has been awesome. I enjoy chatting and replying when I can.
  • I have thoroughly enjoyed attending conventions and screenings. It's been great to be able to go to amazing places and meet all of the wonderful fans. It is amazing to me that Aliens has meant so much to so many people.
  • As a military brat, it is always an honor when I meet someone from the Armed Services. It is always nice to hear that often Aliens is played for them before going on a mission. It's nice to know that I was a small part of something that is so important to the people that serve our country.