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Trivia (20)

His Saturday Night Live (1975) character "Master Thespian" is an imitation of a professor he had at the University of California-Irvine.

B.A. from University of California Irvine. [1979]

Met Phil Hartman at the Groudlings in 1984. Suggested and encouraged Saturday Night Live (1975) creator Lorne Michaels to hire Hartman for the show, telling Lorne, "If you think I'm good, you should see Phil. He's even better!" He and Phil helped each other get acting jobs through the rest of Phil's life.

Encouraged and was supportive with actresses Lisa Kudrow and Maeve Quinlan in pursuing acting careers.

Has a twin sister named Leslie.

Father was a doctor.

Father loved opera and wished he had pursued a career in it. He encouraged Jon to pursue whatever career he wanted.

Worked various jobs while pursuing an acting career. He was a waiter, worked in a clothing store, was a messenger, worked in a copy shop, shoe store, and as a hospital orderly.

Was in love with a woman older than he when he was a teenager. His heart was broken when this woman married someone else.

Was originally considered for the role of Marcus Burnette in Bad Boys (1995), with Dana Carvey as Mike Lowrey. Director Michael Bay today says it would have ruined their careers.

Hosted the MTV Movie Awards in 1995 along with Courteney Cox.

Had two guest appearances on the popular sitcom Friends (1994). His first appearance, as successful restaurant owner with a drug abuse problem and Phoebe's massage client Steve, in Season One was intended to be a one-time appearance, but he returned as Steve in Season Nine, set up with Rachel by Phoebe on what was an intentionally torturous blind date, In this appearance it was revealed in the eight years in between his first appearance, Steve had lost his restaurant to his addiction, was now silk screening shirts and had developed low self-esteem due to his weight gain and recent impotence.

Once worked at the New York Renaissance Faire (in Tuxedo, NY) and was almost fired for referring to himself as "the town Jew."

In the 1990s was featured as the "Author of the Yellow Pages" in comedic print ads and commercials.

Began acting in plays in high school.

Sang with British pop star Robbie Williams in the song "Well, Did You Evah?" on Williams' album "Swing When You're Winning".

Penny Marshall let him live at her house when he was first starting out in show business.

Owner of the "Jon Lovitz Theater".

His paternal grandparents were Romanian Jewish immigrants. His mother's family was Hungarian Jewish.

His cousin, Dr. Robert Lovitz, is an anesthesiologist located in Portland, Oregon.