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Trivia (15)

Was the first choice to play Quincy McCall in Love & Basketball (2000), but had to drop out due to a schedule conflict and was replaced by Omar Epps.

First name is pronounced "Meck-high".

Son named Omikaye with actress Malinda Williams.

Has been "Punk'd" by Ashton Kutcher.

Owns an "Athlete's Foot" store franchise, which sells athletic footwear in California. Owns six stores with two of them up and running.

Along with the Pennsylvania-based charity organization The Vine Group, he donated over $100,000 in scholarships, books and computers to Ibadan, Nigeria, where the Mekhi Phifer Education Center will open in 2005 to help poor children get an education.

Good friends with ER (1994) costar, Goran Visnjic.

Enjoys going to the rifle ranges around Los Angeles and target shooting to relieve stress and have fun.

Good friends with Eminem.

Is mentioned in Eminem's song "Lose Yourself." The song is part of the 8 Mile (2002) soundtrack. Phifer and Eminem both starred in this movie.

Was originally a rapper signed to Warner Brothers records.

Engaged to director assistant Onanong Souratha on May 9, 2007.

Appeared in Vibe magazine for the article "Can't A Brother Get No Love". [August 1999]

Son, Mekhi Thira Phifer, Jr., born 30 October 2007. Mother is fiancée Onanong Souratha.

On a Spring 2017, season 2 episode of Match Game, host Alec Baldwin did his usual segment where he introduced all the celebrity talent and inquired silly questions from them. Mekhi was a guest and when asked by Alec, after being introduced as the star of the show Lie to Me, what would be an example of him lying, Mekhi wittingly retorted that it would be a lie for him to say that he enjoyed working on that show.