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Trivia (12)

He and his wife Dana Schweiger have 4 children: Valentin Schweiger (b. 17 September 1995), Luna Schweiger (b. 11 January 1997), Lilli Schweiger (b. 17 July 1998) and Emma Schweiger (b. 26 October 2002).

After studying German at the university for two years to become a teacher, he attended acting lessons at a drama school in Cologne.

Turned down the role of the German soldier, who shoots Tom Hanks's character (Captain John H. Miller) in Saving Private Ryan (1998) because he had reservations about the role's effect on his image at the American audience.

Lives in Berlin, Germany (2007).

First non-Polish actor who received the Best Actor Award at the Polish Film Festival (1998) for his role in Bandyta (1997).

After the separation from his wife Dana, he moved to Berlin (2006).

Attended acting lessons at "Der Keller" in Cologne and graduated in 1989.

His parents, Herbert Schweiger and Monika Schweiger, both were teachers.

Although being a box office hit in Germany, his movie Rabbit Without Ears (2007) wasn't nominated for a German Film Award. The reason for this was that the German Film Academy didn't accept watermarked DVDs for the jury. But Warner Bros. does not distribute copies to juries without anti-piracy measures. Thus, he angrily left the German Film Academy, but finally decided to re-enter some weeks later (2008).

He runs his own production company Barefoot Films in Berlin.

Because of Schweiger's very real disdain for all things Nazi, he accepted a role in Inglourious Basterds (in which he wears a Nazi uniform in several scenes) only after finding out that his character gets to kill Nazi soldiers throughout the film.

Born on exactly the same date as Jennifer Beals (of "Flashdance" fame).