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Quotes (16)

  • You're in a movie because you're appealing and because you represent the aspiration, the fantasy, the ideal. I resisted that but, when you're in the business, when you're making a film, one doesn't have to take it all too seriously. We're not curing cancer . . . it's entertainment. We want to get people into theatres.
  • "I wish I had [done more nude scenes when I was younger.] I was just a prudish English girl and I wish I had been less prudish about it really. I don't think we have a hell of a lot to be serious about at this point.
  • We don't want to see willies because they're ugly.
  • Breasts are sexy. I want to see them and audiences want to see them . . . I've certainly had to do my fair share of it. If you're going to be an actress or a model, it's usually part of the package.
  • If you're going to be an actress in film, you can't be coy.
  • [on the intensive training received from Sandra Seacat over the course the 5½-month shoot of The Thorn Birds (1983)] She's extraordinary. She made me work in a totally different way than I'd ever worked before. For the first time, I really worked on technique... It was definitely not an easy five months. It was a lot of tying things together and understanding and confusion and frustration and anger. I asked a lot of questions about acting and about me and stuff, and Sandra just had these answers, and they were just like, of course, oh my God, of course!
  • I remember having to take detours around the Hollywood sign to avoid having to see this grotesque poster of myself on Sunset Boulevard.
  • There's very little bohemia in Australia and it's one of the things I miss most about not living in Europe.
  • Having done something like The Thorn Birds (1983) gives you enormous longevity. You can keep picking and choosing the roles for a bit longer.
  • All anything takes, really, is confidence.
  • When I wanted to be an actress, I never wanted really to be the kind of actress I became.
  • I always tell young actors to have a back-up. You don't want to find yourself at the age of 30 still struggling to make a living out of acting.
  • On Richard Chamberlain: It feels like I'm still in The Thorn Birds (1983) because I was always waiting for Richard.
  • Writers are very much undervalued in the creative process.
  • I've been as critically rubbished as acclaimed and the worst thing about that is that it usually plays into your own self-criticism.
  • On Richard Chamberlain: I was very green and Richard was less green and incredibly supportive and darling to me. I'd been in love with Richard actually for years.