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She permanently withdrew herself and her show from consideration for a Daytime Emmy Award after being awarded the Lifetime Achievement (1998). She was quoted as saying, "After you've achieved it for a lifetime, what else is there?".

In addition to being a news anchor on WJZ-TV13 in Baltimore, Maryland, Winfrey was co-host with Richard Sher (a reporter) on a local talk show called "People are Talking" on that station.

Attended and graduated from East Nashville High School in Nashville, Tennessee, where she was voted most popular. [1971]

Was sued by Texas cattlemen who claimed that Oprah defamed beef on her talk show. The case went to trial, causing Oprah to have to relocate her show's production to Amarillo, Texas, for the duration of the trial. She was found not liable.

She was ranked first in Entertainment Weekly's 1998 list of the most powerful people in show business, but dropped to sixth in the 1999 list. Still, she was the highest ranking performer, as well as the highest ranking woman, and the only African-American to make the list.

Attended and graduated from Tennessee State University in Nashville, Tennessee, with a degree in Speech and Performing Arts. [1987]

Is the first woman in history to own and produce her own talk show.

Listed as one of twelve "Promising New Actors of 1985" in John Willis' Screen World, Vol. 37.

Announced that Oprah would receive $130,000,000 for continuing her talk show through the 1999-2000 television season. [September 1997]

Chosen by People magazine as one of the 50 Most Beautiful People in the World. [1997]

Inducted into the National Women's Hall of Fame in Seneca Falls, New York. [1994]

(Fall 1999) She and Stedman Graham are teaching "Dynamics of Leadership" class at Northwestern University's Kellogg Graduate School of Management.

Given an honorary National Book Award for her "influential contribution to reading and books". [October 1999]

Awarded (last) 50th anniversary medal by the National Book Foundation in New York City. [November 1999]

Her immensely popular television talk show is a Harpo Production. Harpo is Oprah spelled backwards. Harpo is also the name of a character in The Color Purple (1985) (Oprah's film debut) played by Willard E. Pugh.

Gave birth to a baby boy when she was just age 14. The baby passed away after two weeks, from complications of being born two months premature.

Was instrumental in the passage of the Oprah Bill, in the early 1990s. The bill was signed into law by President Bill Clinton, and is aimed at stopping child abuse.

Raised in abject poverty, she received her first pair of shoes at age 6 (1960). She learned to read at age 2½. In fact, when it was time for her to start kindergarten, she wrote a note to her teacher insisting she should be in first grade. The teacher agreed and after finishing that grade she was then skipped to third grade.

(1986-present) Partner is Stedman Graham.

She and her former personal trainer, Bob Greene, announced they are buying seven shoreline lots from Getty Family Trust to build several homes, including one on 102-acre lot for Oprah. They plan to put conservation first and keep site development low key. [April 2002]

Ranked #1 Pop Culture Icon on VH1's The Greatest: 200 Greatest Pop Culture Icons (2003), beating out Superman and Elvis.

Net worth is estimated to be US$1.1 billion. [2004]

Purchased a house at 3330 Radcliffe Avenue, West Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. This superb 11,000 sq ft waterfront property was on sale for Cdn $18 million, at the time British Columbia's most expensive house, but she paid Cdn $17 million (US$13 million). [June 2004]

Natural daughter of Vernon Winfrey by Vernita Lee (born 2 May 1935).

According to Forbes magazine, her 2005 net worth is $1.3 billion. She was the first African-American women to make the list of billionaires (2003).

Was a guest at friends Maria Shriver and Arnold Schwarzenegger's star-studded wedding

Is the first African-American woman to become a billionaire in American history.

After years of publicly criticizing David Letterman's late-night television show, Late Show with David Letterman (1993), she and Letterman finally settled their differences when she agreed to appear on the December 1, 2005 episode, during which time she was to be in New York to promote her musical of The Color Purple (1985). During the Superbowl of 2007, they appeared in an advertisement together for Letterman's show. In the ad, they sat together on a couch watching the Superbowl, wearing opposing team jerseys. [2005]

Has a cameo playing herself in Throw Momma from the Train (1987). In a "clip" from her show, she interviews a writer (the ex-wife of Billy Crystal's character) whose plagiarized and embellished "life story" is at the top of the bestseller lists (foreshadowing the James Frey controversy twenty years later).

Ranked #3 on the annual Forbes magazine Celebrity 100 list. [2006]

Collapsed from heat exhaustion during a recent visit to her hometown of Kosciusko, Mississippi. [October 2006]

Winfrey's name was originally "Orpah", after the biblical figure in the book of Ruth. Several different stories allude to the fact that either a misspelling on her birth certificate or a struggle with the pronunciation of her name eventually led to "Oprah" being adopted as her given name.

A DNA test on the show African American Lives (2006) stated that Oprah's genetic ancestry is 89% Sub-Saharan African, 8% Native American, and 3% East Asian (which may be Native American markers). Her African genetic roots include Kpelle, Bamileke and Zambian.

Appearing on the annual Time 100 list, Time magazine's ranking of the 100 Most Influential People in the World, in 2007 again, she is the only person who has been on that list five times. [May 2007]

Her two-year-old golden retriever, Gracie, passed away after accidentally choking to death on another dog's ball. [July 2007]

In 2006, she gave $58,300,000 to charity to the Oprah Winfrey Leadership Academy, Oprah's Angel Network, and other groups.

In 2006, she earned an estimated $260 million in salary from her various interests including syndication, cable television, and print magazines.

Thanked by Shawn Colvin in the liner notes of her album "A Few Small Repairs" (1996).

Had two half-siblings from her mother. Her half-brother passed away from AIDS (December 1988) and her half-sister, Patricia Lee, passed away under mysterious circumstances (2003).

Ranked #1 in the 2008 Forbes The Celebrity 100 list.

She received an honorary doctorate from Duke University in Durham, North Carolina and was the commencement speaker. [2009]

Jeff Bridges, Michael Douglas, Ellen DeGeneres, Kevin Costner, Steve Martin, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Carol Burnett, John Cleese, Rob Lowe and Ivan Reitman are among her various Southern California neighbors.

Is the world's first black billionairess with an estimated worth of $2.3 billion as of 2009.

Her personal chef until 2007 was Art Smith.

Recipient of the 2010 Kennedy Center Honors; other recipients that year were Jerry Herman, Paul McCartney, Merle Haggard and Bill T. Jones.

With ratings at an estimated 6.5 million viewers per day, her show was the most popular talk show in the world.

Aunt of Chrishaunda Lee Perez, the daughter of her deceased half-sister Patricia. Oprah walked Chrishaundra down the aisle at her wedding (2005).

Her idol is Diana Ross. Her favorite album is "Graceland" (1986) by Paul Simon. She was interviewed for the documentary about the album Under African Skies (2012).

Attended Nicolet High School in Glendale, Wisconsin for a short period of time in her teenage years.

Over the 25-year run of her daytime TV talk show, Winfrey never once missed a day through absenteeism.

When Oprah's talk show went independent for the first time, her staff consisted of four personnel including herself. By 2011, her empire had expanded to 464 personnel.

Oprah's broadcasting career began in the late 1960s as a teenage intern at WVOL, an African-American radio station in Nashville, Tennessee.

Received the Jean Hersholt Humanitarian Award - a special Academy Award for her charity work - on November 12, 2011 in Los Angeles, California.

Teenage crushes were Beatle Paul McCartney and the Jackson 5's Jackie Jackson.

Ever since she was 15 years old, Oprah has kept a journal of every day of her life.

Since the inception of the "Book Club" segment on her show, an estimated 30 million books were sold as a direct result of the worldwide publicity.

Oprah has become the first African-American woman to own a cable network. It is called OWN, which stands for Oprah Winfrey Network.

Her support of Barack Obama helped him to become the first Black US president.

She was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom by President Barack Obama. [2013]

Subject of the song "Oprah Winfrey" by Wesley Willis.

Longtime friend with Joan Rivers. Winfrey attended her funeral, when the comedienne passed away on September 7, 2014.

Good friends with Tyler Perry.

She is left-handed.

Last person to interview Liberace on television before his death - The Oprah Winfrey Show: Episode dated 25 December 1986 (1986).

Friends with T.D. Jakes, Mike Wallace, Joan Rivers, Regis Philbin, Roger Ebert, Rachael Ray, David Oyelowo, Bill Cosby, Will Smith, Ellen DeGeneres, Ava DuVernay and Kerry Washington.

Her five dogs: Luke and Layla (golden retrievers), Sadie (cocker spaniel) and Sunny and Lauren (springer spaniels).

Best friends with Gayle King and Quincy Jones.

Was invited to the premiere of Interview with the Vampire: The Vampire Chronicles (1994). She walked out of the showing in disgust due to the film's gore, specifically the scene where Lestat is bleeding profusely after having his throat slit by Claudia.

One of her favorite films is Memoirs of a Geisha (2005).

Owns a production company called Harpo Inc.

Her mentor is the late Maya Angelou.

Refers to her home as "The Promised Land", is 42 acres, cost $52 million, six bedrooms, 14 bathrooms, two theatre, a tennis court, ten fire places, a wine cellar, a man made lake, and a tea house.

Due to Oprah's immense popularity on television, audiences tended to think that she was the first African-American woman to host her own TV talk show, when that distinction actually belonged to Della Reese with her short-lived Della (1969).

Cecil B. DeMille Award at the Golden Globe Award ceremonies was presented to her by Reese Witherspoon (Beverly Hilton Los Angeles / January 7, 2018). [2018]

Is mentioned by name in Travie McCoy's 2010 song "Billionaire" (feat. Bruno Mars).

Attended the Royal Wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle bedecked in a pale pink Stella McCartney dress topped with a flowered hat by Irish designer Philip Treacy (May 19, 2018 / Windsor Castle, UK).

Her mother, Vernita Lee, died on November 22, 2018 (Thanksgiving Day) at the age 83.

On her own weight loss, she had felt so shamed by Joan Rivers.

Civil rights activist/poet and memoirist Maya Angelou took Winfrey under her wing, when she was 22. The friendship lasted nearly 40 years, until Angelou's passing in 2014.

Credits Maya Angelou as her favorite mentor/best friend.

Frequently remembers Maya Angelou.

Has highly praised Maya Angelou for her stardom in becoming a television personality.

Over the course of her 25 years hosting The Oprah Winfrey Show (1986), Oprah taped 217 episodes dedicated to sexual abuse, having been a survivor of such abuse herself as a young girl.