Ann B. Davis Poster

Trivia (22)

Has a twin sister named Harriet and an older brother named Evans.

She won two Emmy Awards in the 1950s for The Bob Cummings Show (1955). In syndication it was known as "Love that Bob.".

Attended and graduated from Strong Vincent High School in Erie, Pennsylvania in 1944.

Received her Bachelor's degree in Theatre from the University of Michigan in 1948.

Her first motion picture role was in Strategic Air Command (1955) with James Stewart, as a waitress who sets a cake in front of Stewart. The scene was later cut out of the film.

To many, she is best remembered as a constantly humorous maid, Alice Nelson, on ABC's weekly situation comedy The Brady Bunch (1969).

Is portrayed by Suanne Spoke in Growing Up Brady (2000).

The daughter of an electrical engineer father and an amateur actress mother.

Has appeared in a play called "The Nearlyweds", which was written expressly for her by Lloyd J. Schwartz, producer of The Brady Bunch (1969).

Grew up in Erie, Pennsylvania.

Originally wanted to be a doctor and studied pre-med at the University of Michigan.

Toured Vietnam, Thailand and Korea with the USO.

Joined an Episcopalian religious community in Denver, Colorado in 1974.

Lived with fellow parishioners near San Antonio, Texas, where she was involved in prayer, Bible study, and occasional charity works.

She was awarded a Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame at 7048 Hollywood Boulevard in Hollywood, California on February 8, 1960.

Was one of the three actors to appear in every episode of The Brady Bunch (1969).

Best friends with The Brady Bunch (1969) co-star Florence Henderson.

Davis fell in her bathroom early one morning hitting her head and never regained consciousness. She was in excellent health for an 88-year-old woman and her death was a complete shock.

On a 1973 episode of All Star Baffle, she and her identical twin, wearing roller skates, skated behind a tall cardboard wall. when one skated out the far end and around the front entering the near end, the other waited a few seconds then emerged from the far end. it took the panel a few seconds to realize they were not watching one skater, but the two sisters taking turns.

She played the same character (Alice Nelson) in six different series: The Brady Bunch (1969), The Brady Bunch Variety Hour (1976), The Brady Brides (1981), Day by Day (1988), The Bradys (1990) and Hi Honey, I'm Home (1991).

She said that of the six child actors on The Brady Bunch (1969), Eve Plumb was the best actor and that she felt bad for her that she couldn't find the same kind of success as an adult actor, as she did when she was a child actor.

Along with Florence Henderson, she was one of only two stars of The Brady Bunch (1969) to appear in all five of the reunion specials: The Brady Bunch Variety Hour (1976), The Brady Girls Get Married (1981), The Brady Brides (1981), A Very Brady Christmas (1988) and The Bradys (1990).