Betty Hutton Poster

Quotes (12)

  • I worked out of desperation. I used to hit fast and run in hopes that people wouldn't realize that I really couldn't do anything.
  • I don't know where it's all going to lead. I have no idea where I'm going. I would just like to be happy.
  • Some kind of fun lasts longer than others.
  • Then the ceiling fell in and the bottom fell out I went into a spin and I started to shout I've been hit. This is it. This is it! I . . T . . . IT!
  • I don't even have many friends anymore because I backed away from them. When things went wrong for me I didn't want them to have any part of my trouble.
  • I think things are going to go right for me again. I'm not old. I'm old enough, but I photograph young, thank God, and I still have a public. I still get fan mail.
  • I was a commodity, like a hot dog. It was like hot dogs and Betty Hutton.
  • I am not a great singer and I am not a great dancer, but I am a great actress, and nobody ever let me act except [director] Preston Sturges. He believed in me.
  • My husbands all fell in love with Betty Hutton. None of them fell in love with me.
  • [on Annie Get Your Gun (1950)] The cast was awful to me. They wanted Judy [Judy Garland]. [The film] was the end of me.
  • When I'm working with jerks with no talent, I raise hell until I get what I want.
  • Professionally, my career was great, but never was the scene offstage great for me.