Billy Idol Poster

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Known for his white spiky hair and sneer.

1980-89: Lived with Perri Lister. They had a son, Willem Wolf Broad (b. 15 June 1988).

Was kicked out of the Boy Scouts at age 10 for making out with a girl

When Billy was 3, his father moved the family to Long Island, NY, to "find the American dream," as Billy puts it. When the family moved back to the UK in 1962, they lived above a pub called The Running Horses in Dorking, Surrey.

1994: Treated in a Los Angeles hospital after an apparent drug overdose.

1992: Pleaded guilty to assault and battery charges after punching companion Amber Nevel outside a West Hollywood restaurant. He paid $2,700 in fines and was required to appear in a series of anti-drug commercials.

February 1990: Survived a serious motorcycle accident. A steel rod was surgically inserted into his right leg.

Had a band called Generation X. With them, he cut "Dancing With Myself" which launched his solo career.

Nominated for a Grammy for Best Male Rock Vocal Performance for the albums "Whiplash Smile" and "Rebel Yell."

During the making of the "Eyes Without A Face" video, he was temporarily blinded when the heat from studio lights fused his contact lenses.

1976: Chose his surname.

Was in The Bromley Contingent with Susan Dallion, later of Siouxsie and the Banshees, and John Simon Richie, later known as Sid Vicious of The Sex Pistols.

Dropped out of the University of Sussex after 1 year.

Is a vegetarian.

For the filming of the clip "Cradle of Love", he was paralysed from the waist down (due to his motorcycle accident) so he was filmed from the torso and up.

His name is from a bad paper he made in school. In the margin his teacher had written a short note to his parents: "Billy is Idle". Billy took that as his name, but changed it to "Idol", so not to be confused with actor Eric Idle.

His role in The Doors (1991) was originally much larger. It was reduced after his motorcycle accident in 1990.

Ranked #55 on VH1's 100 Sexiest Artists.

Winter 1990-1991: Made the cover of "In Fashion" magazine along with Sherilyn Fenn.