Costas Ferris Poster

Quotes (5)

  • Politics? As long as the politicians have no relation with art, culture and civilization, there is no hope.
  • Cinema belongs to music. As you say concerto, sonata of suite, you can say that a film is a Symphonic Poem, with the movement of images in place of the soloist.
  • I don't believe in talent. I think that the creation evolves together with the human consciousness. You become a better director become a better person.
  • As I learned by the reception of my films, I am sure that films can really change the human consciousness.
  • In my childhood, I wanted to become an Opera singer. Specifically, a basso profondo. I also studied the part of Mephistofele, in Arrigo Boito's opera. I believe that my love for the Italian Opera is obvious in my films.