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Cathy Lee is an avid collector of art pieces from renowned artist such as Dali, Picaso, Miro to name a few. She is also a budding artist her self.

Daughter of actress Linda Hayes and announcer Lou Crosby. Sister of Lucinda Crosby and Linda Lou Crosby. No relation to Bing Crosby, despite a popular misconception.

Always the adventurer, in addition to skydiving and racing cars etc., Cathy Lee has taken up all forms of ballroom dancing and has progressed to including tricks and aerial stunts to her repertoire.

When Cathy Lee broke up with Joe Theismann former Washington Redskins' quarterback, after 7.5 years, he sued her for half her net worth which she ended up settling for a multi-million dollar sum.

Cathy Lee Crosby has starred in over 75 feature films, mini-series and television productions, including the first movie of the iconic comic book, Wonder Woman (1974), which to date is the highest-rated show starring a female, ever, on television with a 49 share!.

In recognition of her long standing service to children and the less fortunate, Cathy Lee was bestowed the most prestigious honor of being knighted "Lady Cathy Lee Crosby" in the Royal Order of Saint John, the oldest humanitarian organization in the world.

Cathy Lee has tirelessly and passionately worked behind bars with incarcerated youth since 1981.

Cathy Lee Crosby was one of four girls to screen test for the lead in the original film "The Great Gatsby".

Cathy Lee produced, co-directed and starred in a week of prime time television on NBC called "Get High On Yourself" for which she received the International Radio and Television Society's Outstanding Contribution to Television Award. She single handedly financed the week of television by selling it personally to Ray Kroc CEO of The McDonald's Corporation.

Cathy Lee has flown trapeze in professional circuses under the big top.

Cathy Lee sang back up vocals for Lionel Richie and Dolly Parton.

An accomplished tennis player, she played Wimbledon twice and at one time was ranked #7 in singles and #4 in doubles in the United States.

Cathy Lee became a household name and fan favorite, when she starred in the Top-10 hit TV series, That's Incredible! (1980), on ABC.

Graduate of the University Of Southern California (USC) in Pre-med.

When he broke up with Cathy Lee Crosby after 7 years, she sued him for $4.5 million because he "abandoned his promise to financially support her." Theismann responded with a counter-suit, ultimately leading to both settling out of court. According to her autobiography 'Let the Magic Begin', when Theismann sued for half of her assets, Crosby declared bankruptcy to stop his litigation.