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  • "I actually washed my window once, and it fell through-it was being held together by the dirt." - describing a dilapidated apartment where she once lived as a struggling actress in New York City.
  • The high-grossing films are not all that interesting to me, I have to say. It's not stuff I would want to be in. Yes, you would want the big paycheck, but that's never really been my concern.
  • [on 'The Sopranos' creator David Chase] I don't exactly have a first impression of David, just that he reminded me of my dad, and so immediately I had a comfort level with him that remained throughout all our years of working together. Whatever other people may have thought - he's quiet, he's intense, he's slow to warm, or whatever - it's my dad. I never felt, like a lot of people, 'I really wanted to please David'.
  • There was a period of mutiny within the cast members [of 'The Sopranos'] who thought we should be getting more money, and this was a very complicated issue because I know HBO was making a lot. The actors were like, 'Yeah, we need to renegotiate our contracts. We're not getting enough.' There was like a sit-in, the shutdown of the set. It was like 'Occupy Vesuvio'. And I thought, Are you fucking kidding me? I worked at restaurants for twenty years, and this thing comes along and I'm going to complain about not getting enough money?
  • [on James Gandolfini] You know, Jim's a complicated guy. He never knew how good he was. He was always second-guessing, caring about the ways things came across. I knew almost nothing about his personal life, and he didn't know anything about me either. He was just Tony - fully inhabiting the part of this man I was married to. And it was thrilling. Usually, if you look deep enough when you're doing a scene with somebody, you can see the actor, and I never saw anybody but Tony. Never.
  • For as long as I can remember, I've been obsessed with 'Forensic Files' and those sort of documentary-ish TV shows for years and years. I wonder what it is that makes a good person bad or what goes on in the homes you never knew were existing at the same time as you. The secret lives of humans are fascinating. That's why I have no patience for service-level depictions of people's lives.
  • My first Broadway show, "Side Man," was there 150,000 years ago [actually, in 1999], and it holds a very special place. I would walk to work and giggle to myself every frigging day, like, "Are you kidding me?" The excitement of having a career that just felt absolutely unattainable for a lot of years. I will never not be that sort of awkward girl from Long Island wondering what I'm going to do with my life. And I still have moments where I can't believe that I get to do the stuff that I do.
  • Of all the seeking that I've done, I landed at Buddhism and I never have stopped being able to feed from it. It helps me enjoy my life, to learn how to live better, how to be kind.