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Quotes (10)

  • The fundamental virtue of success is that it allows you to know the true significance of what it means to have the freedom to make your dreams come true.
  • A facial birth defect doesn't get in the way of achievement. Parents need to instill a positive sense of self-esteem in their children so they can pursue their dreams.
  • [on John Huston] John Huston, the director, is a genius and like a lot of geniuses he can be erratic. But his perception, charm, and warmth are so extraordinary that you want to give the best of you. He has an incredible curiosity about life. While cutting one movie he starts working on another. I think he enjoys the process of work more than the results.
  • It's always frustrating when you're pigeonholed. But it's an occupational hazard and it happens to every actor. It's just the nature of the beast. It's not easy to accept it, but you sort of have to accept it.
  • Historical and contemporary roles both have their virtues. What I like the most about historical roles is doing the research behind the character and the period in which they exist. I love imagining what it must have been like to be in the room with someone like a Buffalo Bill Cody or a P.T. Barnum when they were alive. The advantage of a fictional role is that it frees you of the responsibilities of being historically accurate. You can take more liberties.
  • It's very dangerous to make a judgmental evaluation about a character. You have to look at each character and find something good about them. A good bad guy is one that you love to hate, and that's really the measure of good work. When you're playing a drunk you don't play a drunk; you play a sober guy.
  • [on being nominated for or winning an award] To a certain degree, it does boost your ego. But I've never really felt that awards are a measure of success, even though Hollywood disagrees with me. If you're selling a film and you're an Oscar nominee or a winner, the people selling that film will let everyone know. For me, the measure of success is the work itself and how it touches your soul.
  • [in a 1983 interview] Hopefully I'll be able to play more roles that are heroic and funny and witty and charming! I really feel like I've paid my dues with the down-and-outers!
  • [in a 1983 interview] I think that if an actor hangs in there long enough and has successful - remotely successful - movies, he can survive a lot of bad movies. That's one thing I can certainly lay claim to! That I've survived a lot of bad movies - good pictures that didn't make it.
  • [in a 1983 interview] I never really had a chance to play a romantic leading man until "The Blue and the Grey" came along. I never got the girl, ever - ever! I mean that was the first time. It's ironic. I said to myself the other day, my career has been in reverse. I started out playing old men, heavy and all. I feel like I've been getting younger! It's very bizarre!