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  • That's the hard part of television. When you walk into the network tests, you're signing away seven years of your life. That was the only trepidation I had about Will & Grace (1998). It had nothing to do with the sexuality of the character. It was more: this could be the next 7 to 10 years of my life.
  • I think most actors go into the business thinking: "I can play everything. Why can't I play a black woman? Just give me a chance." Then you grow up and realize it's probably better that they cast an actual black woman. As I got older, I realized that my life experience, what I really had, was always going to be more valuable than what I pretended to have. Before Will & Grace (1998) started, I had known plenty of gay men, and had been called names since I was in second grade. So I had enough of my own experiences to bring to it. It's harder to play a murderer. I would never kill anyone. ...I wasn't uncomfortable with any of the physicality that came with it: of looking at a guy and coming on to him, or thinking he was attractive.
  • The show that I do - why it's not always about [my parents] - is about knowing that they were always on the other side of the wall, wondering if this kid was ever going to amount to anything, or just keep pretending he was Alice Cooper.