Jimmy Van Heusen (1913–1990)

Music Department | Composer | Producer


  • "Ocean's Eleven" Patricia Kennedy Lawford, Jimmy Van Heusen, Peter Lawford
  • Sammy Davis Jr., Jimmy Van Heusen and Frank Sinatra on Sammy's wedding day
  • Frank Sinatra, Jimmy Van Heusen and Peter Lawford at Sammy Davis Jr.'s wedding11-13-1960** A.H. Color, Best Man, Men, Suits, Friends, Entertainment mptv_2018_May_to_August_Update
  • Jimmy Van Heusen, Will Mastin and Frank Sinatra at Sammy Davis Jr.'s wedding to May Britt 11-13-1960
  • "Academy Awards: 30th Annual," Sammy Cahn, Maurice Chevalier, James Van Heusen. 1958.

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