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She enjoyed an international hit in 1955 with the song "The Breeze and I".

Younger sister of the late Silvio Francesco. They made many records together, and he was a frequent guest and musical director in her stage as well as TV-shows.

Became one of the first European female singers to ever perform a rock and roll song in a movie when she sang a duet with Bill Haley in Here I Am, Here I Stay (1959).

Sister of actor/musician 'Pietro Valente' and Mother of singer 'Eric van Aro'.

Daughter of Giuseppe Valente, a well-known accordion player, and Maria Valente, a musical clown.

She is an Italian by birth, became a German through her marriage to her first husband Erik van Aro, is now a French Citizen. She is considered a true world citizen and a polyglot speaking 6 languages fluently and having recorded and released more than 1350 songs in 12 different languages.

Performed with many international superstars such as Louis Armstrong, Ella Fitzgerald and Benny Goodman. She was a frequent guest on TV shows in the 1960s and 1970s, especially on The Dean Martin Show (1965).

Her top ten hits in Germany include "Ganz Paris träumt von der Liebe" (german version of Cole Porters 'I love Paris' and 'Wo meine Sonne scheint' (german version of 'Island in the sun' Top ten hits in Italy include 'Till', 'Personalità', 'Nessuno al mondo', 'Metà di me' Top ten hits in France include '39 de fievre' (French version of 'fever'), 'Bim Bom Bey' received French record academy award as best recording, 'Sait on jamais'.

Received an Echo Award for her lifetime achievements in 2002.

Premio Gabardi 2004 Life time achievement in Italy

Platin Romy in Austria 1998 Life time achievement.

3 Bambi Awards in Germany for Life time achievement

Officer of Artistic Education 1972 in France

Goldene Kamera 1966 in Germany

Cross of merit 1968 and Grand Cross of merit 1985 in Germany

Fame Award 1965 in the USA as best female singer on TV

The O Globo in Brazil

Euro Premio 1964/1965

Once died on stage in Mexico when absent mindedly she did the show in French.

Started singing when 4.

Speaks 6 languages and sings in 12.