Michèle Morgan Poster

Quotes (6)

  • A woman can always deceive a hundred men, but not a single woman.
  • [observation, 1942] If I had or if I do have some success, it's not I at all but fate. I am just a poor little balloon transported along by circumstances or people.
  • I have never had the opportunity to play sexy women. I must believe that my charm was not in my ass.
  • [on Passage to Marseille (1944)] It was a wartime melodrama full of propaganda, although Hollywood at that time couldn't have been more remote from the war. I didn't enjoy doing the film. At the time I was single, bored and unhappy with Hollywood. It seemed very unreal to me then.
  • [on her Hollywood period] Why look back? I was so young then, so miserable with my poor attempts at English. I used to say 'crying trees' for weeping willows. You didn't mow the lawn. No, you shaved it. And those pictures. Those stinkers.
  • [on working with Jean Gabin in Le quai des brumes (1938)] There was a scene in which I was in the bed, in the bedroom, and Gabin was not in the bed. He was sitting on the bed. Oh, it was very, very modest, it was not something very daring when you compare that sort of thing with what they do now. In fact, that scene was more exciting than what they do now, I suppose, because mystery is a great part in a love scene.