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Landed her second role on the acclaimed coroner series "Da Vinci's Inquest" by crashing the set with a large sheet cake. Addressed to producer, Chris Haddock, the cake parodied the tag line on the show's poster: "He has a way with people, especially when they're dead." The sheet cake was decorated with edible police tape and said, "I have a way with people, especially when they're fed. Cast me again, or else..." She was immediately cast as psychotic killer, Laura Maitland, who stalked the lead detective on the show. While filming scenes, director Stephen Surjik jokingly told her just to be herself. She received a Leo Award Nomination for her portrayal and appeared on the show for seven episodes.

Gave birth to her 1st child, a son, with her boyfriend (now husband) Bryce Norman. [2007]

(March 6, 2008) Married her longtime boyfriend & father of her son Zachary Bryce Norman.

Gave birth to her 2nd child, a son, with her husband Bryce Norman. [2010]

Filming "The Accidental Witness" with Natasha Gregson Wagner and Currie Graham in Vancouver BC, Canada. [December 2005]

In Vancouver, BC: Shooting "Bringing Ashley Home" and "Endgame". [October 2010]

In Vancouver, Canada shooting "R.L. Stine's The Haunting Hour". [March 2012]

Vancouver, Canada: Attending the 15th Annual Leo Awards as a presenter and a nominee for Best Performance in a Youth or Children's Program, for her role in R.L. Stine's The Haunting Hour (2010- ). [June 2013]

In Vancouver shooting the season finale of "Intelligence". [November 2006]

Preparing to direct her film "The First Bite". [July 2007]

In Vancouver, Canada shooting "Fringe". [July 2011]

In Vancouver, Canada shooting "The Pastor's Wife". [July 2011]