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Children: Jane O'Mahony (born 1966), Edward James Tynan O'Mahony (born 1968), Cullum Allan Tynan O'Mahony (born May 2005).

The top joint of his left index finger was missing. He would not say how it happened - his biography suggested several theories such as getting his finger caught in a car door or an accident on a building site. On-screen he offered many fanciful explanations such as that it was bitten off by his brother, or that it had worn away after he had used it so many times to brush dust off his jacket during his "sit-down" comedy monologues. The truth came out after his death: as a child he had been playing in an abandoned mill, he put his finger in some gears, and another child turned the gears and accidentally crushed his finger.

Died 2 months before his wife Karin gave birth to their first child.

Except for comedy sketches involving more than one participant, Allen always delivered his monologues seated in a studio chair, effectively making him a "sit-down" comedian.

Was offered numerous cameo roles (usually a priest) for Irish film comedies after retiring from TV but declined all.

The beverage he drank when performing comic monologues whilst sitting on a stool was ginger ale, though he led the audience and viewers to believe it was whiskey. On occasions he drank champagne instead of ginger ale.

He explained that his sign-off line which ended "... and may your God go with you" should be interpreted in the sense "*Please* take your God with you - because *I* don't want him".

Father of Edward Tynan O'Mahony.

Longtime family friend of Maggie Smith.