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Quotes (3)

  • (How he got the role in Randal from "Clerks"): "I knew Kevin from high school. We graduated the same year. After high school, Kevin used to work in the video store from Clerks, which is just as dismal in real life as it is on film, therefore it was a great place to rent videos because nobody would go there. Kevin was an awesome video employee. He was the anti-Randal, never charged late fees and always had a recommendation for good flicks to rent. It was my coming to the video store, which eventually got me the role as Randal. He'd be pecking away at the script for Clerks while he worked and we would talk about it and when he was finally holding auditions, he invited me down to watch. I watched the auditions, which were less than stellar, then got up and did my own less than stellar audition. Somehow, Kevin saw something he liked in it and came to my house a few nights later and read me for Randal."
  • (On his first screenplay "Now You Know"): "I pretty much wrote it in my spare time. I never really said, "Okay, I'm going to write a movie now." I was just kinda screwing around."
  • I loved Chasing Amy. I hated the fact that I wasn't in it. It's a love/hate thing.