Trivia (15)

Was first introduced into the adult-film industry by Alicia Rio in 1994.

Founded, with adult-film director Dion Giarrusso, Red Light District Video, an adult-film production and distribution company, in 2002.

The first two films he and Dion Giarrusso produced for Red Light District were 110% Natural (2001) and Black Dicks in White Chicks (2001), in that order.

Loathes when women acquires tattoos, body-piercings, and breast implants. Believes that women are disfiguring and tainting their bodies. Has decided not to hire any actresses with those three traits unless they are highly popular or attractive.

Has co-starred with best friend in adult-films, Mark Davis, in over 90% of his filmography since 1993.

Is an avid weightlifter and also enjoys riding horses.

On September 7, 1998, he was in Budapest, Hungary, shooting a porn film for a series called "World Sex Tour" when he and a buddy decided to go out on the town for the night. After being scammed out of a lot of money on a bogus bar tab, Vince encountered a man who wanted to start a problem with him, a fight ensued and before Vince and his companion knew it they were being chased by some angry Hungarians. After running all they could to get away, Vince and his friend were finally cornered when they entered a dead-end on mistake and Vince was beaten unconscious and stabbed a couple of times in the back. He and his pal were hospitalized for two and a half days. A few days after leaving the hospital and resting at their hotel, Vince went back to work on World Sex Tour 16: Budapest (1998). His wounds can be clearly seen in the video.

Started directing his first projects for Odyssey Group Video in 1996.

Spent the latter part of 1996 in a work furlough program as a result of his conviction on charges of "procuring women to work as prostitutes". Damning testimony from his ex-girlfriend and fellow porn star Crystal Gold apparently sealed his fate. He had to leave sets early for almost eight months so that he could be back at his halfway house by 9 PM.

Worked as a fork lift mechanic and at night as stripper for four years before entering porn March 13, 1994.

Grew up in Massachusetts.

Is a big fan of Ultimate Fighting Championships.

Moved out to Los Angeles in 1989.

Did his first sex scene on March 13th of 1994.

With partner Steven Orenstein, founded Vouyer Media, an adult-film production company. [2005]