Trivia (22)

Father: Francisco Ksyvicks, mother: Angelina Ksyvicks, sister: Márcia Ksyvicks.

At only 12 she hosted her first TV program.

At five years of age was elected the most beautiful Brazilian child by a leading TV program.

On March 8, 2005, she gave birth to her first child, a baby boy named Joaquim, with her husband Luciano Huck in São Paulo.

Her football team is Flamengo.

Received many offers to do nude magazine spreads, but turned them all down.

In 2006 she signed a contract with L'Oreal.

Mother, with Luciano Huck, of a boy named Benício, born on November 3, 2007. in Rio de Janeiro.

Third child, a girl named Eva, was born on September 25th 2012 in Rio de Janeiro.

In November 2005 she hosted a celebrity game show, "Video Game", within sporadic participations at a related program "Video Show".

Some of her stagehands became well-known professional actors or hosts such as Babi Xavier, Geovanna Tominaga, Camila Pitanga, Juliana Silveira, Giovanna Antonelli and Mateus Rocha.

For her "angels" (stangehnds/dancers) group, wanted girls representing different races to make them distinguishable from Xuxa's "paquitas" (whom controversially were all blonde girls).

As a child she witnessed her father Francisco being shot by robbers who invaded her house. She was left traumatized for a brief period. Her father survived his wounds.

Used to light a candle and pray to one day become famous.

Replaced Xuxa in her first TV show for kids and career debut, Clube da Criança (1983), referencing much of her style. As Xuxa, Angélica later left Manchete and moved to Rede Globo as well.

Survived a plane crash with her husband Luciano Huck and children Joaquim, Benicio and Eva at Mato Grosso do Sul in 2015. Similarly, Xuxa (whom she replaced in Clube da Criança (1983) and shares a similar career focused on children) also went through a forced landing when her plane was struck by lightning in December 2016. Prior to her incident, Angélica had interviewed country singer Cristiano Araújo, who died at the age of 29 in a car crash.

Secretly "escaped" to Chile with her then boyfriend Maurício Mattar in September 1999. Rushed back to Brazil after being told her father Francisco suffered tachycardia and high blood pressure when her family discovered she was gone.

Received jewels as a gift from Rede Globo executives at her 16th birthday party. They wanted her to leave her then network Rede Manchete, where her show was being a hit. She would move to SBT to star in "Casa da Angélica" (1993) before consecrating her career in Rede Globo as an adult.

Reportedly wanted to marry while still a virgin, but was five months pregnant at the ceremony with Luciano Huck.

An elderly fan of hers committed suicide after leaving one of her concerts. He went home, put her signature song "Vou de Taxi" ("Joe le Taxi") to play and, surrounded by her posters, shot himself in the head.

Apologized to her fans in Fantastic (1973) for denying rumors, which turned out to be true, of her first pregnancy. Her fiancee Luciano Huck had admitted that they were expecting their first child during Globo's fundraising special "Chriança Esperança", when asked by the puppet character Louro José (Tom Veiga), from Mais Você (1999).

Turned down the main role in Top Model (1989). Daniel Filho offered her the part as Globo's second attempt to get her on its network.