Julia Ann Poster

Quotes (5)

  • I think some people are sexual and some people are sensual. I think that's my gift. I don't think I'm a very sexual person. It's not very often you see me in the films saying all the more graphic, nasty, filthy things. It's just my nature to be more nurturing or more caring or more passionate.
  • I dated Julian for all the wrong reasons. My past relationships with men outside the industry always ended up in hell. I thought if I dated someone inside the industry, I would have better luck in love. But after a while, I just realized it wasn't really what I was looking for. So we ended our relationship.
  • [before making adult films] I danced on the road. I already featured, so I did that. I did some shaving cream wrestling, which was so much better than mud and oil, I have to tell you. Because the thing about shaving cream is that it just wipes right off, fades off the clothing. Nothing to it, just evaporates into thin air.
  • I like working with Billy Glide. I think he's a very sweet person. And as large as he is, he has a very good touch for me and that's always a plus.
  • [on her family] They don't freak out. They're real good about it and when things are going good for me they're happy. I'm pretty even and level-headed so I land on my feet. And my grandma says, "I'm glad you're popular at what you do." So there's no hard feelings.