Trivia (16)

Used to wrestle for Japanese wrestling promotion WAR (Wrestling and Romance)

Retired from wrestling after an operation on his arm went wrong and left him partially crippled

Is the owner and founder of Toryumon: a Japanese Wrestling promotion that tour Mexico and Japan. Also runs the Ultimo Gym

Competed in the Super J Cup 1995, a tournament for light heavyweight wrestlers in Japan.

Inventer of the Asai moonsault. A jumping backflip from the ring to the outside using the ropes for leverage.

Has wrestled and won titles in Mexico, the United States and Japan.

Notable title wins include: IWGP Jr. Heavyweight title (2); WWF World Light Heavyweight title; UWA World Jr. Light Heavyweight title (2); UWA World Welterweight title; WCW Cruiserweight title (2); NWA MIddleweight title; NWA World Welterweight title (2); UWA World Middleweight title (5); WWA World Jr. Light Heavyweight title; British Commonwealth Jr. Heavyweight title (2); WAR International Jr. Heavyweight title (2); WCW Television title (2)

Was a major player in WCW's popular cruiserweight division. Years later he joined WWE, where he was under-pushed and eventually knocked down to wrestling on their Saturday night show Velocity.

The only professional wrestler in the world to hold 10 titles at once.

Speaks Spanish and English and has lived in Mexico City for over 20 years.

Former British Commonwealth Junior Heavyweight Champion.

Occasionally wrestles as 'The Tiger' in Japan. A gimmick that was first used by Satoru Sayama, the original Tiger Mask, over twenty years ago. [June 2005]

Competing and being commentator for various wrestling promotions in Japan. [October 2003]

currently under contract with WWE. [May 2003]

Currently wrestling around the world and preparing for his role in the upcoming martial arts film "Ultimo Dragon" [May 2008]

Is now setting up his own wrestling promotion in Japan. [June 2005]