Robin Askwith Poster

Trivia (13)

Has Lived on the Island of Gozo, off Malta for many years, where he enjoys long distance swimming.

Insisted on performing fight scenes himself for Horror Hospital (1973).

Wrote introduction to "The Horror Films of Richard Gordon" by Tom Weaver.

Great-nephew of Robb Wilton.

(Summer) 1999 played "Neville" in Nunhead Films production, "The Asylum" (Working Title) due for completion in February 2000.

Prepared "Paint it Black", a one-man show based on the life and death of Brian Jones. [February 2007]

Appearing in 'Dead Funny', a play about Benny Hill fans, in Oldham, UK. [February 2007]

Considered for the Brash Guard in Lifeforce (1985).

Paerents were Nelson and Hazel.

Wrote his autobiography 'the Confessions of Robin Askwith' published in 1999.

Educated at Merchant Taylors School, Northwood, Middlesex and University of Bristol where he studied English and Drama.

Took over the role of Mike Abbot in the film of Bless This House (1972) as Robin Stewart, who played the part in the television series, was unable to repeat his part due to being contracted for a summer season show.

According to his memoirs, he was cast in Brother Sun and Sister Moon but was fired.