Kate Atkinson Poster


Kate Atkinson is an Australian TV actress who career has also encompassed working in Australian Theatre Company productions as well and many TV movie and movie credits including one for Japanese Story (2003) and The Hard Word (2002). Kate is best known for her roles on Australian drama/comedy SeaChange (1998), the crime drama Jack Irish (2016) and as her role as Vera Bennett on Australian hit TV Drama Wentworth (2013) where she has been since the series beginning in 2013 until the series wrapped with it's eighth and final season Atkinson would be apart of the 'Wentworth Four' being one of four actors to remain on the series since its inception.

Like many Australian Actors/Actresses, Kate has had an extensive career in Theatre including many productions with the Melbourne Theatre company and has been apart of many opening nights for the MTC and has given her support to the MTC and the VABT raising money for both.

Atkinson is also a passionate animal lover and owns a rescue dog.

Atkinson after Wentworth ended took on several projects including a return to theatre and appearing in the final season of Jack Irish, as well as taking on the role of Melissa Caddick in Underbelly Vanishing Act.