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Graduated from USC School of Cinema-Television's Peter Stark program

When he was tapped to write the modern adaptation of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, it was revealed that he had never seen the original 70s movie-musical featuring Gene Wilder. Upon asking Tim Burton if he had should see it before going ahead with his work, Burton responded with a resolute "Definitely Not!!!".

Former day job: Campus tour guide at Iowa's Drake University.

The September 25, 2000 draft of the screenplay for Jurassic Park III (2001) credits revisions to John August. He is not credited in the final film.

Did an uncredited rewrite on the Martin Lawrence comedy Blue Streak. Source: Austin Film Festival podcast.

Has a daughter with his partner, Mike.

He did an uncredited rewrite on Iron Man (2008).

Since 2011, has hosted, with good friend and fellow screenwriter Craig Mazin, 'Scriptnotes', a weekly podcast on the craft of screenwriting.