Irving Bacon (I) (1893–1965)

Actor | Soundtrack


  • Irving Bacon and Albert Dekker in In Old Oklahoma (1943)
  • Irving Bacon and Charles Lane in Blondie (1938)
  • Alan Ladd, Irving Bacon, Paul E. Burns, William Demarest, and Will Wright in Whispering Smith (1948)
  • Irving Bacon, Jack Cooper, Dale Fuller, Ralph Graves, Marvin Loback, Patsy O'Byrne, and Ruth Taylor in A Yankee Doodle Duke (1926)
  • Irving Bacon, Clem Bevans, June Haver, John Ireland, Connie Marshall, and Frank Orth in Wake Up and Dream (1946)
  • Jean Arthur, Jean Harlow, Clara Bow, Irving Bacon, Eddie Dunn, James Hall, and Leone Lane in The Saturday Night Kid (1929)

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