Honey Bane first caught the public's attention when she formed the Punk band 'The Fatal Microbes' in 1978. The first single, 'Violence Grows' was a hit and propelled Honey's music career forwards. The Fatal Microbes split up and Honey Bane spent some time in a youth detention facility which the UK press widely covered. When Honey Bane was released she starting working with 'Crass' and featured on the bands 1980 EP 'You Can Be You'.

That same year Honey got on stage with Killing Joke and provided guest vocals on the song 'What's The Matter' and this was captured on the Killing Joke record 'Live At The Venue' Honey Bane signed a 5 year contract in 1980 with EMI and released several hit singles for them. In 1983 Bane appeared in her first movie, 'Scrubbers', a gritty UK movie by the same people who made the equally successful 'Scum'. 'Scrubbers' also starred Kathy Burke and Robbie Coltrane.

As the 1990s began Honey Bane fronted the band 'Dogs Tooth Violet'. Fan's would have to wait for more solo material. In 2006 Honey Bane released a two track 7" single entitled "Down Thing" / "Got Me All Wrong". In 2008 Honey Bane appeared in a role in the Chris Ward-written and directed short film What Shall We Do With The Drunken Sailor, based on the life of artist/model Nina Hamnett, self-styled "Queen of Bohemia", starring Siobhan Fahey (ex singer with Bananarama and Shakespears Sister), actor Clive Arrindel and Donny Tourette (frontman with punk band Towers of London)

Honey will be releasing a new album 'Acceptance Of Existence' in 2014 on the UK label Eromeda Records. Walton Music are set to release Honey Banes best of album. Honey has also been busy making Indie movies and has appeared in and contributed music to ' Sex, Lies & Depravity 3' and also set to appear in the movies 'Last Chance At Paradise' and 'Home Grown Carnage' both set for release in early 2014.

As well as releasing and touring her new album, Honey is also appearing in UK/US movie 'A New York Story' also featuring David Yow who was the front man for 80s noise rock band 'Scratch Acid' and later on 'The Jesus Lizard'.