Guido Barbarisi (Rome, January 26, 1889 - Rome, January 16, 1960) was an Italian actor, active in theater and film. He makes his debut at the theater in the early twentieth century with Joseph reciting Sichel, then moving in different companies in the '10s next to Amedeo Chiantoni, Alfredo De Sanctis and Italy Vitaliani. In the decade following is in the Theatre Company of the People's Sabatino Lopez playing with Dina Galli. In 1930 he went to Milan, at the Teatro degli Arcimboldi, which constitutes an own training, first with Franca Dominici and Mario Siletti, then with Dino Falconi. Later passes to the Society direct Za-Bum by Mario Mattioli starring in the show "Wunder Bar". Later he became director of the brothers in the magazine company Schwartz and worked in radio as a director of the Society of Prose EIAR Rome ("Scusate se da sol mi presento", in 1943, with Giulietta Masina, Filogamo Nunzio and Mario Riva, among others). Also he wrote several comedies (including "Jenny, raggio di sole"), some represented by Virgilio Talli. The film starred in a dozen films from 1935 to 1956 as a character. He was married to Dalma Cionci.