Trivia (8)

Stage actress.

Leading lady of the 1930's, a former pianist and music instructor. She was mentored in the late 1920's by Max Reinhardt and was briefly successful on the stage. Only occasionally in films, she had integral roles in Berlin-Alexanderplatz: The Story of Franz Biberkopf (1931) as a friend of the main character, and in Ucicky's Mensch ohne Namen (1932).

Committed suicide in 1944, for undisclosed 'private and political reasons'.

Made her affair with the (married) leading actor Werner Krauss so obvious while performing a love scene in the play "Der Kaiser von Amerika" (1930), that Krauss's wife, who was among the audience, returned to her home and committed suicide.

Already at the age of 20 she got married with Wilhelm Graaff who financed her acting education. Wilhem Graaff founded the film company Rimax in 1923 which not only produced promotional films but also feature movies with Maria Bard.

Her third husband was actor Hannes Stelzer. On December 27, 1944, toward the end of World War II, Stelzer who was in the Luftwaffe at this point, died when his plane was shot down over the Eastern front.

Before her career as an actress she worked as a piano teacher and pianist.

Maria Bard only appeared seldom in front of the camera, she normally paid attention to the theater.