To get an idea of what Angelo Bardi looks like, just picture comic singer Pierre Perret in the costume of Planchet. Of the former, he has the round chubby face. Of the latter, D'Artagnan's loyal servant in Dumas' "The Three Musketeers" he owns the loquacity and cleverness hidden behind rustic manners. No wonder if he was chosen by Yannick Andréi to play the role in his 1977 mini series "D'Artagnan amoureux".

Little present in the cinema, where he appears only rarely (Basile in "Benjamin" by Michel Deville in 1968; the hairdresser in "L'Amour en question" by André Cayatte in 1978), the witty actor has worked enormously in the theater (in plays by Giraudoux, Shakespeare, Tourgueniev, Barillet and Grédy...) and on television in TV movies, series or mini-series signed, among others Jean Delannoy, Philippe Arnal, Marcel Bluwal, Roger Kahane or Marion Sarraut.

Active on the screens from 1964, he retired thirty years later.