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Held the record for directing the most successive number of television shows--168 episodes of Green Acres (1965).

As an undergraduate at the University of Southern California, he won the Paul Muni Award for Best Amateur Film.

He taught photography and directing at U.S.C.

He was the author of the 1971 book "The Film Director" (MacMillan Company), which became the classic "nuts and bolts" text on that profession. In the spirit of low budgets, Collier Books issued a soft cover edition in 1973 with a cover price of only $2.95. A second edition was published in 2000.

Announced that he has has acquired the rights to remake Green Acres (1965) for TV from the widow of creator Jay Sommers, and has already finished the pilot script with William Justice Forbes (17 November 2007).

Son of a successful California grape farmer.

Served as a captain in the U.S. Air Force Film Unit during World War II.

Built a theater in the attic of the large family home he grew up in located at 101 Magnolia Ave., Modesto, CA, complete with stage and camera room. He visited his former home in the 1980s while in town for a Modesto High School reunion. He was surprised to find the stage lights working and some of his old props laying around. The Bare family home was acquired by A.N. Lovvorn in the 1930s and remained in his family until 2013. Some of Bare's props were left in the theater at the time of sale.