Paul Barresi Poster

Trivia (7)

Is married and has three children.

Former resident of Studio City, CA.

Broke into show business by hanging around the set of The Wild Party (1975) and was hired as a gofer and given a small part as a bartender.

Posed for "Playgirl" magazine in the 1970s with Cassandra Peterson, who would later be the namesake host of Elvira: Mistress of the Dark (1988).

Sold a story to the "National Enquirer" in 1990 for $100,000 about his alleged longtime love affair with John Travolta.

Once worked as an investigator for celebrity private detective Anthony Pellicano.

Close friend of Paul Lynde. He was the person who discovered Lynde's lifeless body the morning after Lynde failed to show up for a party.